The IRS forced me to buy a 2020 Ford F350 Platinum...

06 Th12, 2020
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  • What do you guys think of the new F350?? The dually was absolutely necessary and probably should have happened sooner.. but a Powerstroke??? Hopefully it's as reliable as the Duramax was! We have LESS THAN 3 WEEKS LEFT for our Roush Giveaway!! Get some last minute entries to win 'The Creature' by picking up some hot new merch from and every dollar spent will give you 1 AUTOMATIC ENTRY to win the car!!

    itsjusta6itsjusta62 tháng trước
    • I like the F350 centre console you can put a gun vault in their from Ford comes special order

      Kevin BoydKevin Boyd5 ngày trước
    • It’s gonna be more better then the other truck

      michael mejiamichael mejia16 ngày trước
    • Hey man idk if you've named the f350 yet but since its a tank an pulls everything you have call it Hercules!

      Dakota HaneyDakota HaneyTháng trước
    • Definitely a sweet truck.

      Randy RRandy RTháng trước
    • If you guys are open to suggestions, how about doing a 10 bolt hub conversion and run 22.5 Alcoa rims

      Alberta BoundAlberta BoundTháng trước
  • Name it burtha

    Cj SpenceCj SpenceNgày trước
  • Ram for 2021?

    Jacob BargerJacob BargerNgày trước
  • Sounds like you need a new account.

    fishingforlunkerfishingforlunkerNgày trước
  • Black the truck out

    Caden CousinoCaden CousinoNgày trước
  • Damn left your hitch in the duramax

    ClaytonClayton2 ngày trước
  • What a beautiful truck

    Erik HErik H3 ngày trước
  • I like ford better than Chevy LOL

    smoke emsmoke em3 ngày trước
  • Well the IRS forced me to keep my clapped out $300 FuGGIN FORD FUGGIN' Ranger

    Joe's JunkJoe's Junk4 ngày trước
  • Full pipef system 👀

    yousef khatibyousef khatib5 ngày trước
  • My man really said you can fit a child in there well if any body’s kid goes missing you know where it is 😂😂

    xHunter-FNxHunter-FN6 ngày trước
  • “ItS A fX4 MAybE iT wOnt” 😂😂😂

    xHunter-FNxHunter-FN6 ngày trước
  • You are saying the discount code too fast. Just trying to be helpful. Thanks

    Keith ClarkKeith Clark7 ngày trước
  • Black Beauty

    Micheal RickmanMicheal Rickman9 ngày trước
  • Put 26's on it.

    TruhuslaMovementTruhuslaMovement9 ngày trước
  • Big forgiatosss on the dually

    Manny EManny E9 ngày trước
  • Rolling thunder

    Bill Safford Jr.Bill Safford Jr.9 ngày trước
  • Cool air intake and 10 inch exhaust tip

    Bill Safford Jr.Bill Safford Jr.9 ngày trước
  • Straight pipe

    Bill Safford Jr.Bill Safford Jr.9 ngày trước
  • Put airbags on it. Will make it ride much better

    Noah MullinsNoah Mullins12 ngày trước
  • After watching the show yellowstone i want a dually even tho i have absolutely no use for it

    KinghavsKinghavs13 ngày trước
  • Kelderman air suspension. Trust me you will not regret it!

    NicT09NicT0914 ngày trước
  • one thing he failed to say was he was self employed--only way u could deduct or depreciate the cost of the truck for his business. otherwise no way u could deduct it.

    BigJim57BigJim5714 ngày trước
  • jeeps have stright axles......

    Tate NeaseTate Nease17 ngày trước
  • Do you pay for it in cash and then use that as a tax deductible or do you finance it?

    Kevin LubinKevin Lubin17 ngày trước
  • People you have to Google the actor Adam Scott from the movie Step Brothers. Tell me this guy isn't his twin.

    scorpioooohscorpiooooh17 ngày trước
  • Wheels it needs bigger wheels

    Trevor LowTrevor Low17 ngày trước
  • That doesn't make any sense. It's like saying I need to spend $100 just so I can save $30. Please explain the logic. You could also just put money in your retirement account to aid in the reduction of your tax liability.

    mcliffordgoomcliffordgoo18 ngày trước
  • Can you name the truck “big fuck”

    Manny MMManny MM18 ngày trước
  • my dad has the same model but not dually

    shut yo ass upshut yo ass up18 ngày trước
  • Truthful click bait part 2. Im going to miss the dmax

    Dallas McGeeDallas McGee20 ngày trước
  • Put Carli suspension on it, along with S&B body mounts, will ride like a dream

    Kyle DillonKyle Dillon21 ngày trước
  • You must really be making some cabbage 43% tax I think 37% is the highest

    Chris ArenaChris Arena22 ngày trước
  • What business do you have to write off that truck ?

    The New Life. Pt2The New Life. Pt224 ngày trước
  • The whale 🐳

    Oliver FernandezOliver Fernandez24 ngày trước
  • Makes sense, spend a dollar to save a quarter. Not very sound tax advise kids. However, still A nice truck. YOLO!

    Kolby PriceKolby Price25 ngày trước
  • Are we all gonna ignore the fact that his friend in the back was vaping or some shit

    MrHuskyNinja VlogingMrHuskyNinja Vloging26 ngày trước
  • Bro ur not mexican dont say trokiando OR no quema

    El_Noa NoaEl_Noa Noa26 ngày trước
  • Watch this tax season he's going to get a semi truck

    Jose GonzalezJose Gonzalez26 ngày trước
  • Make it a drag truck

    Thelast 4.6 stangThelast 4.6 stang27 ngày trước
  • Total Chad in the background .

    Redacted No NameRedacted No Name27 ngày trước
  • Definitely need a big ass cattle guard on the front

    Jacob SaldañaJacob Saldaña28 ngày trước
  • You need carli suspension.

    XztherealgodXztherealgod28 ngày trước
  • "where did uncle sam touch your bank account", was for the Ford the interior is lacking vs the competition especially screen size being dated however all is still very functional and more practicable.

    Frank GFrank G28 ngày trước
  • nothing better than a Ford to pull a Ford race car, the gmc was just wrong, nothing to do with hate, as i think gmc is a very nice truck as is a rebel, each do have their own benefits.

    Frank GFrank G28 ngày trước
  • Carla

    Larry WilsonLarry Wilson28 ngày trước
  • Call it Sniglett

    Michael ReszkeMichael Reszke29 ngày trước
  • Well i hate ford but for a name seens its a "F150" u should name it Fabian!

    wolfking_ californiawolfking_ californiaTháng trước
  • Big Bertha Like in warzone

    Baja OverlandBaja OverlandTháng trước
  • Call it Dexter

    Baja OverlandBaja OverlandTháng trước
  • I would have got the 450 platinum bigger brakes better turning radius beefy rear end

    93chipper93chipperTháng trước
  • BUTCH 😂

    m hrvym hrvyTháng trước
  • I have a Ford after about 6 months the powered steps stop working

    Canon CastoCanon CastoTháng trước
  • Gavin plz coyote swap my Miata and let me spend a day with you guys 🥺!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonathan ArcosJonathan ArcosTháng trước
  • Wayyyyy bigger tires too much gap

    *Creeating **Creeating *Tháng trước
  • Forces 🙈

    Jose GonzalesJose GonzalesTháng trước
  • Fuck taxes

    BrandonBrandonTháng trước
  • Get a rolling coal tuner on it

    jameson Heschkejameson HeschkeTháng trước
  • 16:36 The Black Behemoth!! Bubba!!

    Craig ManningCraig ManningTháng trước
  • I wish I had the capital to buy 50k plus vehicles to help out on my taxes lol. You’ve earned it dude . #DONTLOSESIGHT

    Jordan MckeelJordan MckeelTháng trước
  • You should name the truck tank

    Bob's BurgersBob's BurgersTháng trước
  • bird up!

    LilBillyChillyLilBillyChillyTháng trước
  • Heck ya

    Joseph RutledgeJoseph RutledgeTháng trước
  • Call it IRS lol watch how high you lift it if you’re towing with it.

    lawrence fitzgeraldlawrence fitzgeraldTháng trước
  • lightbars

    Sawyer LehmanSawyer LehmanTháng trước
  • FLATBED FLATBED FLATBED!!! Beable to tow a car on the back and on the trailer

    Swick ValentinoSwick ValentinoTháng trước
  • How much did you paid for the Duly?

    Richardo DeanRichardo DeanTháng trước
  • Name it Vader.

    hawg hawghawg hawgTháng trước

    Ford performanceFord performanceTháng trước
  • I can't lie, ive seen some videos and they're good but that advance Auto code won my sub😂

    Noah HNoah HTháng trước
  • When the end of 2021 comes. You can donate your new truck to my family. And know I be pissing off everyone around me and loving it. Just a idea.

    Keith ChapmanKeith ChapmanTháng trước
  • The horrible sunshine macroscopically worry because hedge preoperatively tug until a horrible brick. bumpy, fast poultry

    hem259tab ;kal'hebhem259tab ;kal'hebTháng trước
  • Ford is King Daddy 👑

    Stephen ContrerasStephen ContrerasTháng trước
  • is that a 36mm watch? thing looks tiny, hook yourself up with a 41mm now that you got a big truck might as well get a proper watch too

    JoeJoeTháng trước
  • The IRS should force me to buy a Lexus is 250 F sport.

    juanito Chavezjuanito ChavezTháng trước
  • It’s true bout tax time and trucks, my business we do it also. Love all your vids and what you do for your friends and family. You’re definitely a great guy. I have a 21 F450. Myself and my brothers own a RV dealership Ford is definitely the way to go with Duallys.

    Randy RRandy RTháng trước
  • Hey. When is the F350 getting upgrades. ?

    Randy RRandy RTháng trước
  • Rims. Lights. Suspension. Ceramic tints. Audio system. Black out.

    SoggyCerealJakeSoggyCerealJakeTháng trước
  • Leveled on 22.5 Alcoa’s milled down to 22’s with some 35s or 37s

    Brandon BootheBrandon BootheTháng trước
  • Put a lift and call it “Big Girtha”

    J SJ STháng trước
  • "Thats dam near across the country".. 33% bud 😂

    nick hnick hTháng trước
  • 10 inch lift 24inch wheels on 40inch tires

    Efember CruzEfember CruzTháng trước
  • Deduction dually lol

    Llamas NationalLlamas NationalTháng trước
  • Leveling kit wheels tires def delete straight pipe train horns rock lights wheel lights fab4 bumpers and grill programer and arp head studs

    James BraschJames BraschTháng trước
  • Get some American Forces for the 350!!!

    Jacob SalinasJacob SalinasTháng trước
  • Nice dually, go 26 or 28 with some nice low profile murders. Will stand out past all. Some American Force. Nice Rig

    Ladale HillLadale HillTháng trước
  • It’s unfortunate you bought a Ford gonna be in the shop 24/7

    Taylor GlennTaylor GlennTháng trước
  • I thought it had to be over 10,000 lbs?

    GwizGwizTháng trước
  • Oh I must be so bad to buy a New Truck. Because you have to. . 🙄 Damn.. 🤔.. I'm busting my ass to save to buy a DULLY. 🙄.

    usaf vetusaf vetTháng trước
  • Deleted, tuned, wheels and tires, and tinted out

    Cj McCoyCj McCoyTháng trước
  • shouldve got a cummins

    Joey DeverJoey DeverTháng trước
  • Canadian here 👋👋👋 so how does the IRS make you pay for things? I’ve heard of them making people pay for things. I just need a little clarification

    Kevin Parra-VaughanKevin Parra-VaughanTháng trước
  • They wouldn't be able to force you to anything ifyou knew how to work the system my guy.

    Duke EdwardDuke EdwardTháng trước
  • semi truck wheels 🤯

    Martin GonzalezMartin GonzalezTháng trước
  • Name it Big Bertha

    Ryan SandovalRyan SandovalTháng trước
  • Tell me where he touched your bank account classic

    Dakota ValdesDakota ValdesTháng trước
  • PUT A CB RADIO in her!

  • Name her Big Girtha lmao

    Simon PhamSimon PhamTháng trước
  • I wanna name it vixen

    RyzeeRyzeeTháng trước
  • You should’ve gotten the 450 platinum... it’s just in my collection so that’s why I rather say that lol

    JagmophoJagmophoTháng trước