He Drove my Car Better than Me...so I Gave it to Him!

27 Th12, 2020
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    itsjusta6itsjusta62 tháng trước
    • Gavin i just want to say to you and your team at the shop an at 6 media CONGREGATIONS! BECAUSE OF YOU . I AM A VIworldR NOW AN ONE DAY I PRAY TO BE WEAR YOUR AT IN LIFE .. You gave me strength for life ahead TY G

      Vinnie MitchellVinnie Mitchell19 giờ trước
    • u the man gavin

      Brandon sBrandon sTháng trước
    • Next time consider giving someone who ACTUALLY needs a car, a car? Not some rich kid who apparently "needs a car" but pulls out a foxbody and starts "drifting"??? Obviously don't give the person a Corvette because theres no way in hell someone that actually needs a car is going to need a Corvette, let a lone have the funds to maintain it.... But this just seems so unnecessary to make it seem like yall were doing some sort of charity work. You just gave a rich kid who already has like 3-4 cars a Corvette. You act like this is some poor kid with crazy talent, and you're giving him a Corvette so he can hopefully succeed as a race driver. That's far from it. This video was not it. Could've easily sold the car to the family, and then donated that money to charity or you know... have the money go towards someone or something that actually needs it during a PANDEMIC. This is why VIworldrs get such a bad rep.

      gachigachiTháng trước
    • Hey @Itsjusta6 let me know when you do your mountain run. I have C5 looking to do some runs my IG is rome_da_gtreat_

      travis williamstravis williamsTháng trước
    • I have Ford explorer , it was my 4 years favorite truck . Before his passed away. I have money to fix it up . Help me please . Teach me . Free laborer+ all the cash I got . Help ????

      Dave J.Dave J.Tháng trước
  • It kills me that he says WHENEVER instead of when😂😫

    Brennen SorahBrennen Sorah3 giờ trước
  • okay who else knows the car rapping guy from "fastest car"

    Peacekeeper626Peacekeeper62615 giờ trước
  • When i meet justin im going to ask him to give me some advice/speech to me just because how much humble knowledge he says an its father 2 son advice #i_Never_knew_my_father (bruce voice) finding nemo

    Vinnie MitchellVinnie Mitchell19 giờ trước
  • No transportation but he's gonna show you how to drift in his Foxbody?? Ahh yeah that's transportation what I have right now is no transportation cause I was a sucker disabled veteran that's used to giving everything away and helped too many guys with Foxbodys claiming to have no transportation !

    Steven BeanSteven Bean22 giờ trước
  • It’s cool to see a fox body, but he had to break the one fox body rule, NEVER PUT ONE PIECE HEADLIGHTS ON A FOX!!!!

    Nate SharletteNate SharletteNgày trước
  • Great dad! Just the dad alone made my dad with this video being I'm a father and teaching him to be humble responsibility. One day he'll really appreciate that. Great car you're a real good drifter and I hope you enjoy it.

    Jim DeanJim Dean2 ngày trước
  • Good video, but like this isn't drifting these are burnouts

    GORZA18GORZA182 ngày trước
  • Great video!! I love more than anything that his Dad still had to throw in the "with great things come great responsibility" Dad talk. Just like every good dad would say. Can't wait to see the car get built! Good stuff fellas!

    Andrew EsweinAndrew Eswein3 ngày trước
  • I think Justin is ina Netflix show called fastest car

    Haidar AliHaidar Ali3 ngày trước
  • imagine being able to give a vette to someone that truly deserves it that must be truly fulfilling

    Kush MinisterKush Minister4 ngày trước
  • so square space has a patreon/only fans feature what a surprise

    Lazydabs710Lazydabs7104 ngày trước
  • that's the guy that was on the Netflix car show Fastest car right? He drove his McLaren

    hk3hk3hk3hk34 ngày trước
  • I bet he drives his dads 720s better than him 😂

    Louis McGonigalLouis McGonigal5 ngày trước
  • Hey Gavin I'd drive your cars better than you too so how bout that GT350 for my birthday yo? lol

    Jessie LeeJessie Lee5 ngày trước
  • 8:43 he was the super car dude from world fastest car

    Sizedsaturn 727Sizedsaturn 7276 ngày trước
  • that car sounds GOOD

    a8izenuff419a8izenuff4196 ngày trước
  • Wait. He was told not to wear a seat belt but he did in the corvette??? Either way, dude deserved that car. Amazing skills and a humble man

    tampaguy78tampaguy786 ngày trước
  • How long did it take for him to break this?

    Dave ReevesDave Reeves6 ngày trước
  • Thumbed the video down because of the ad! I pay for a premium account just to avoid ads!

    JaySoos OJaySoos O7 ngày trước
  • I wish someone give me corvette 😔

  • I didn't get the chance to surprise my dad with a badass car for his birthday before he passed away but hopefully I'll be able to surprise my son with one; this video made me go through alot of mixed feelings man; good stuff bro, for real... itsNOTjusta6 at this point 🤙

    Emrah BekirEmrah Bekir7 ngày trước
  • This is a prime example of good parenting right here. Well Done, all of you, Much respect to both dad and son/ really awesome to see Thank you all for sharing this amazing exchange of both gifts and wisdom to the younger generation Well done.

    Tzolkin ManTzolkin Man7 ngày trước
  • Sup with the s14 under the cover

    Dylan FosterDylan Foster8 ngày trước
  • Kid can drive. Right on. Sweet surprise too. Yall are great!

    James SchulteJames Schulte8 ngày trước
  • That dad is how you end up with a good kid. Good to see an actual red blooded American young man who is interested in things other than his phone.

    BradBrad8 ngày trước
  • I wonder y he's cars mess up. Driving that mustang like that lol. Now getting a vette

    Felix SanromanFelix Sanroman8 ngày trước
  • Back when I was 16 that stock corvette would have been the nicest car in my whole high school! #Legit

    Adam PalmerAdam Palmer8 ngày trước
  • I love when I see a 16 year old boy that looks you straight in the eyes! You know his father has brought him up right! #Itsjusta6

    Adam PalmerAdam Palmer8 ngày trước
  • Dude dropped two transmissions so you gave him a Corvette... cuz that won't drop a transmission

    GrizzlyjdsGrizzlyjds10 ngày trước
  • dam right i skipped through that add just as you said it my g haha

    ShaneeyShaneey10 ngày trước
  • 20:12 kid drifted in boots wtf in BOOTS

    Dixie WhiskeyDixie Whiskey10 ngày trước
  • He piped my girl better than me... so I gave her to him !

    Marcos BaladezMarcos Baladez11 ngày trước
  • this kid reminds me on Paul Walker .. :D

    Der MuroDer Muro12 ngày trước
  • Keep going I remember when I picked up drifting. Yesterday I got ran off the road around a corner. Almost pulled it off, hit a pole from a ft of the ground trying to avoid hitting the next corner too fast. Shit will happen but if you learn and don't shy away it's not that bad.

    Anonymous AnonymousAnonymous Anonymous12 ngày trước
  • “Before you skip through this” *skips it immediately* 💀

    Nano SanchezNano Sanchez12 ngày trước
  • the Atlanta wrap dude from the netflix show--Fastest Car! cool guy. to see him tell his kid to stay humble made me tear up.

    Jon FockerJon Focker12 ngày trước
  • Tell the kid to check out russ swift !

    Boss LevelsBoss Levels12 ngày trước
  • Looked more like doing donuts then drifting

    chris bennettchris bennett12 ngày trước
  • Don’t be fooled guys. We just witnessed a 200 IQ business transaction.

    Percy JacksonPercy Jackson13 ngày trước
  • "He has no nothing" or is it "He has know nothing"?

    Mad69RussianMad69Russian13 ngày trước
  • That kid is the next Ken block

    Jesse MillerJesse Miller13 ngày trước
  • Wait he was on a show on Netflix racing with his McLaren shitttttttt

    Rodimus PrimeRodimus Prime13 ngày trước
  • That was really awesome of you to give a 16 year old kid with 3 other cars another one to thrash on. That's just great.

    Big DogBig Dog13 ngày trước
  • I’ll take that foxbody

    Scott MindlerScott Mindler14 ngày trước
  • That kid is one lucky dude!!!!!! Great video!!!

    JimmyJames1978JimmyJames197814 ngày trước
  • great speech from the dad

    Michael GonzalezMichael Gonzalez14 ngày trước
  • Stay hungry and don’t lose sight. I felt that

    Alex PerezAlex Perez15 ngày trước
  • I had to buy my own car at 18 lol lucky kid

    Kendey VasquezKendey Vasquez15 ngày trước
  • That Mustang is heavy, a 70's Alfa Romeo will easily donuts 25 round on one direction and without moving the front wheels an inch lol

    Rick RickyRick Ricky15 ngày trước
  • Justin looks familiar from an episode of fastest cars on Netflix.

    Master Mini meMaster Mini me16 ngày trước
  • Interesting, same speaker bangers beat I bought over a year ago yall are using -.-

    CaspersDesignsCaspersDesigns16 ngày trước
  • Only a FOOL would give a Corvette to a 16 year old Kid! Stupid people.

    stephenfhaukstephenfhauk17 ngày trước
  • Not gunna lie id rather have the hatchback than the corvette

    Gilles MorinGilles Morin18 ngày trước
  • I love how you don't just buy cars and destroy them just for fun like whistlindiesel. Keep up the great work

    Devinthedude gringoDevinthedude gringo18 ngày trước
  • You right i hate adds, pay for VIworld red so I don't get adds yet everyone is fking sponsored so still get adds in the video even though I'm paying to get no adds.... defeats the point of paying for red

    blazed420rcdblazed420rcd19 ngày trước
  • Shesh that kid knows how to drive a car

    Blue ツBlue ツ20 ngày trước
  • Hell yeah that’s a good dad right there

    Micheal FrazierMicheal Frazier20 ngày trước
  • My dad owned the 1991 hatchback 5.0

    Xbox PoliceXbox Police22 ngày trước
  • pretty cool the kid got a cool vette

    Roger JohnsonRoger Johnson23 ngày trước
  • WOW,much respect 16 and yes sir no sir answer to his dad. That's what is all about. Family first. 🤙👍💯

    Al CaraballoAl Caraballo23 ngày trước
  • Wow that is the greatest thing someone can do for another, I just wish it could happen to me, we all wish that though...lol. Anyway I've always been a car guy, was head electrical leader for an auto supplier where we built the assembly lines in Detroit Michigan. I broke my back in an auto accident as passenger in my own vehicle in 1992, where I wasn't supposed to live the night, died a few times, then they fused L2, L3, L4 with hardware, I had to learn how to walk again, had lot of physical therapy for many years, including to this day. I then worked like that for over 15+ years, got married, had two beautiful daughters, then my spine got to the point of becoming disabled, had to end my career, can't afford much of anything anymore being on social security disability. Then my back, & hardware started failing, I wasn't able to stand up straight anymore. So in 2012, they went in, cut all the old hardware out, cut a wedge out of my spine, pulled my spine back, & added new hardware from T10 through S1 (hips), so I'v got a lot of hardware now, & can't bend my spine at all anymore. I still can't fully stand up straight, but better than before, & I still live in chronic pain, but am still walking (with help by a cain), & I did this for my family, so I could live longer, & maybe walk my daughters down the aisles one day. I still can drive my butt off. I have always been a Chevy (GMC) guy, but I did manage to get myself a 2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10 the Viper truck. Then I went to a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT 392, but wish I could go back to Chevy, with lot more horse power. Now after all that surgery in 2012, & my body going down hill, my now ex-wife stepped out on me, & after I caught her the 2nd time I had to divorce her, but I stayed with her after the first time cuz of our girls. Now with my mother, & dad getting older they moved from Michigan's bipolar weather, & cold winters, they went to Arizona, which I will have to do the same to live longer, & not hurt as much. Sorry for writing a novel, I tend to be long-winded, as is what my mother calls it. I just enjoy other's stories, great, heartfelt stories like this, & Thank You for what you have done, you are good peoples, & I like to tell my story a lot, to show that when others feel bad about one selves lives, there's always someone else in worse shape (including others worse than myself), & to be humble, love one another, respect one another, be better people, & to always help others when you can. Wisdom is not what you go through in life, Wisdom is what you do with what we go through in life. Keep up the great work, take care, Thank You for your ability to share, make someone's life awesome, & God bless us all.

    Michael BurnetteMichael Burnette23 ngày trước
  • 13:32 Same bro and the way homie talks about his son and the fact that his son has the chance to hear those words over and over. 🔥

    Andrew NewmanAndrew Newman24 ngày trước
  • Where’s the epa!!!! That is a recordable spill sir !!!!

    Jordan LishJordan Lish24 ngày trước
  • 16 years old and he owns 4 awesome cars. I'm almost 48 and I own a 16 year old Harley with 60,000 miles and a 14-year old Corolla with 200,000 miles. Apparently, I hang with the wrong people.

    Harley AdamHarley Adam24 ngày trước
  • My eyes are sweating

    Jacob VargasJacob Vargas25 ngày trước
  • I think I see why the transmission went out in the jeep 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kelsey WootenKelsey Wooten25 ngày trước
  • That’s a good kid u can tell very respectful and very humble. Has a good role model

    Roadhouse4288 TexasRoadhouse4288 Texas26 ngày trước
  • WOW!!!!! Man I wish I had somebody to buy me a car!! but in my condition I need a truck So I couldn't mount my power chair on the back of the truck.... Yeah I'm a disable Vet the VA is giving me a power chair so I can get around instead of having to use my Walker all the time. That power chair is being custom made fitted for me which they took all the measurements last week. It'll be about 3 months before I can get it... it takes that long to make them but I'll be hell on wheels...... yeah the car I got now won't be able to handle the weight!! and the chair weighs around about 600 lb the mount is about close to 300 so they tell me? To much weight for a 99 Taurus front tires will be off the ground. yeah I saw quite a bit of videos you're going to Houston to buy a truck!! and you won't a name for her call her black beauty!!! And she's got a powerful yell that train horn......

    Lorenzo QuinonezLorenzo Quinonez26 ngày trước
  • Holy cow a natural

    Krusig74Krusig7426 ngày trước
  • Love that just got my first vehicle and my dad told me the same thing

    _yaboy cj__yaboy cj_27 ngày trước
  • this kids career in motosports is about to go very well

    cradixttvcradixttv28 ngày trước
  • respect from canada. make good intensions and give . comes back double if not more. good job guys . subscribe it is.

    Hersh WalizadaHersh Walizada28 ngày trước
  • that was awesome.

    Hersh WalizadaHersh Walizada28 ngày trước
  • Everytime we try and do something nice something happens 🤦🏽‍♂️ it's a good thing yall was able to fixed it in time

    D_Creator's CreationsD_Creator's Creations29 ngày trước

    fisted wafflefisted waffleTháng trước
  • He really looks like chandler tbh

    fisted wafflefisted waffleTháng trước
  • I wish I could give cars away like that, awesome 👏🏼

    Eric RodriguezEric RodriguezTháng trước
  • Great speach to your camera, I mean your son, Dad.

    Aaron TindallAaron TindallTháng trước
  • I don't even have a dad

    F 1 K S Y offɨcɨalF 1 K S Y offɨcɨalTháng trước
  • So im guessing Gavins seatbelt doesn't work although we can see it

    Jeremiah LongJeremiah LongTháng trước
  • Im not jealous... You are.

    MrFilemindMrFilemindTháng trước
  • You gotta build ya a drift car now it’s only right

    ctbmctbmTháng trước
  • daddy’s money? nah gavins money, love this shit man. what a guy.

    robertrobertTháng trước
  • You totally make a drift car Gavin love the content

    Sam ButlerSam ButlerTháng trước
  • Pray to god I win don’t even have a running vehicle losing my boyfriend to cancer at only 25 life is at its lowest

    Brianna HallBrianna HallTháng trước
  • whats the song in ur intro?

    phantomsquad1337 quadphantomsquad1337 quadTháng trước
  • Love that two of the top VIworldrs i watch are doing cool stuff

    Dallas McGeeDallas McGeeTháng trước
  • Achievement unlocked.

    Aye_KurdissAye_KurdissTháng trước
  • So much jibber jabber 9:43

    StuartStuartTháng trước
  • Gavin plz coyote swap my Miata and let me spend a day with you guys 🥺!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jonathan ArcosJonathan ArcosTháng trước
  • Just Subscribe, bro! From Jason, Blackpool UK! You seem a nice guy, with a nice heart! Your Subscribers will grow! Your content is cool too! lol :)

    Jason CousinsJason CousinsTháng trước
  • This was nice to watch! Kids got skills!

    jake hawkinsjake hawkinsTháng trước
  • Humble and kind!

    Storm WinkelmanStorm WinkelmanTháng trước
  • Been watching you guys for years now, and I am so happy to see how far you've come! If there's anyone who deserves the recognition and splendors you've achieved this far, it's definitely you and your crew. Hard work and dedication has really paid off. Hope to see much more success from you guys. Keep it up :) -@lunafaelilith

    Oblivianna [gaming]Oblivianna [gaming]Tháng trước
  • Earn dat money

    BrandonBrandonTháng trước
  • Not going to lie I'm not a huge fan of fox bodies

    majormax 37majormax 37Tháng trước
  • Such a blessed kid ❤️ you guys are great

    Anthony GaitanAnthony GaitanTháng trước
  • Man, why can't I get lucky like that...the mustang in my pic gas been down for 2 yrs now...I just need a transmission..

    The 5.0 BakerThe 5.0 BakerTháng trước
  • Kids got skillz lol

    Elco_DaveElco_DaveTháng trước